Why video content, determine your goals and planning your video production.

Content Delivery


Where to host your video content, YouTube branding and setting up a YouTube channel.

Lead Generation


Using video to capture leads, get the SEO benefits of video content and social media sharing for your videos.

What else is in the eBook

A Dreamtek guide to creating video content for events, why should video be part of your marketing strategy and how to plan the creation of your video content. Determine goals - SEO, branding, lead generation and social media.

About Dreamtek
The Dreamtek Group is a dynamic and innovative company that specialises in enhancing your communications through creative design in video and web, combined with software development for desktop or mobile applications. Our goal is simply to help you reach your customers through better communications. Our development and design team has years of experience creating innovative solutions for some of the Worlds biggest brands.


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eBook - Creating video content for live events

Video can be a highly effective way to market offline or online events

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